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Faith and Spike have a chat

Spike: Woke up the next afternoon after leavin' the hotel and leavin' Buffy behind. I was tired of all the usin' she was puttin' to me -- okay, that's a lie, I don't mind it that much as long as I get what I want and what she wants at the same time, she can't deny that. I was a bit worried about what had happened, but she wasn't goin' to tell me anyway. Shruggin', I got dressed and walked out of my room so I could grab a smoke. Now that Faith is carryin' a kid, I can't be smokin' 'round her, I guess. Saw her sittin' on the couch, watchin' her tv and I walked past and groaned when I realized it was daylight, like I didnt' already know. Too much on my mind. Everythin' all at once. Walked past her again and to the front door so I could sit on the steps in the hallway. Should have said somethin' to her, but I was feelin' rightly guilty about what happened .. that she doesn't even know about. Thinkin' 'bout changin' that though. Maybe she should know so I can finally get it off my chest. When I was done with my smoke, I cursed and got up, realizin' I was ashin' on the steps and now I had to put it out. Walked back into the apartment and flushed the butt down the toilet before walkin' back out into the livin' room. "Whatcha watchin'?" I asked and sat down on the couch, layin' my hand over my stomach as I watched the telly with her.

Faith: "Mornin'." I said as Spike wandered into the kitchen, pack of cigarettes clenched in one hand. Okay, that was just a tease! Some of us were about to become a mother and couldn't smoke anymore even though I desperately wanted to more than most of the time. He didn't even answer me just headed straight back outside to grab his smoke before comin' back in again. Okay....nice to see you too, Spike. What the fuck was his problem? Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed and for once? It ain't me. Morning sickness was a bitch but no one was bitchier than Spike. "Rough night?" I asked tryin' to keep my tone light as he plopped down on the couch and laid his hand over my stomach before turnin' to look at the TV. Narrowing my eyes I looked down at him suspiciously. "Okay. Seriously. I'm supposed to be the whacked out hormonal chick here. What's your excuse?"

Spike: Crackin' a small smile, I looked up at her and shrugged. If only she knew, which ... right, she was about to. She needed to. Sittin' up, I turned to her a bit and looked her over. Bloody hell, why was I even sayin' anythin'? "Look, I need to tell you somethin'. You can hate me afterwards, but you need to know," I said and looked back to the telly before lookin' down at my hands. This was the right thing to do right? 'Course it was. Then I wouldn't think about it everyday and everynight and ... all the soddin' time. "Talked to the ex watcher the other day. He knows about ..." Lookin' down at her belly, I made it known before lookin' back up at her face. She was shocked to say the least. I needed another fag, swear and more than ever, I'd rather have Buffy beatin' my arse then me havin' to continue this little story time. "I told him, figured he had a right --" Stopped myself from speakin' and looked away. The look she was givin' me could dust me more than any soddin' stake could.

Faith: "What?!" I demanded, not sure that I was even hearin' him right. He'd told Wesley? About the baby? He'd just told him I was pregnant or that...the baby was his? A thousand different emotions flickered across my eyes before I settled on blinding seething rage. I thought Spike was supposed to be my friend. He was the only one that knew because I thought I could trust him. Served me right, huh? Just when I thought I had someone I could count on. Before I could stop myself I flipped him off of me and onto the floor before pullin' myself up to my feet and glowering down at him as he got back up. "You told Wes that the baby is his?" I hissed out at him, hoping that this was a joke or something. "Tell me you're not serious, Spike. I swear....just tell me you're not serious." Hoped Xander came home with a dustpan cause that was all that was gonna be left of Spike by the time I was done with his ass. How could he? He fucking betrayed me. Just like everyone inevitably does.

Spike: Couldn't look at her face, just looked down at the ground until she finally didn't say anythin'. Wish I could take it back, not like it was my place to say anythin', didn't mean to. 'Sides, there was alot of alcohol involved ... or somethin'. Slowly, I looked up at her and shrugged. "Unfortunately ..." Saw her face and I stood up, standin' there. Knew for sure I was done in for. "Didn't mean it, Xander never has to know, that is unless Wes comes over here, but he hasn't, so ... guess it's ... well, not okay, but ... okay in a sense of it all, I don't soddin' know."

Faith: "Xander never has to know?" I ran my tongue over my teeth and quickly lashed out with a punch that knocked Spike square in the jaw and sent him staggering back. Knew there was no way in hell he'd hit me back right now but that didn't mean I was gonna play nice. Besides, all I could see was red. He'd betrayed me, just like everybody always did. Why did I even bother to trust anyone? Because when I trusted no one I tended to get kinda crazy, that was why. But now Wes knew and there was nothin' I could do to stop it. "He's gonna find out now! Wesley...." What would Wes do? I had no fucking clue and suddenly I was picturing myself like those other white trash sluts on Montell fightin' over paternity tests. Wow. If only Mom could see me now, knew I was doin' her proud. Fuck. "You fucked me, Spike!" He walked closer and I threw another punch this time landin' him to the ground. Pretty badass for a pregnant lady, huh? "That's what you did! I thought I could trust you and you fucked me!"

Spike: She stood up and the next thing I knew I was bein' knocked around like a fuckin' punchin' bag. I held onto my jaw as I watched her, there wasn't much I could do to her, she was pregnant and all. I tried to walk over to her and say ... say what? There was nothin' I could say cause she was right. I did fuck her. And not in the good shaggin' kinda way. She hit me again and I fell to the floor. All I could do was lean back on my elbow and look up at her. Didn't know what she was goin' to do next, guess I did deserve it for what I did to her. "Look, Slayer, I'm sorry! Alright!? I'm fuckin' sorry and if I could take it back I would, but it's too late now, you see ..." Jumpin' back up, I faced her and narrowed my eyes. "Not my problem you were lyin' to Xander the whole time, you think he wouldn't find out? They always find out," I muttered and was tempted to leave, but I couldn't. Now I was pissed. More so at me, but that wasn't the soddin' point.

Faith: I glared right back up at him when he got up even if what he said was kinda true. Xander was gonna find out eventually, well now he would for sure thank you very fucking much. I could kill him. Right. Now. He should consider himself lucky I didn't have a stake in my hand. "And it's not my problem that you were supposed to be dead and you came back to annoy me and Xander to death! We would've never even gotten married if hadn't been for you! We were drunk! You should have stopped us instead of helpin' me pick out a fucking dress!" I didn't mean it. I mean, I did but they were things I should've said to him a long time ago, because really? I thought things had turned out for the best. Me and was really weird but we were makin' it work, ya know? Not like Spike would understand since he all he could do was walk in on girls in the shower and get beat on by Buffy. He must be real turned on right now cause I hit him again, harder than I had before he fell to the floor again. Finally after a second I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Okay, I was pissed. Really. Fucking. Pissed. But I had bigger problems to worry about right now then kicking Spike's ass. "What'd he say when you told him?" I finally asked in a low even voice.

Spike: Oh, so that's how it was? All I do is annoy, eh? Well, then she could consider me gone! Didn't need to stay here, not anymore. Didn't have no where else to stay, but I'd find my way. Maybe if I get her a stake, she can just take me out cause I'm soddin' tired of NOT BEING APPRECIATED! Glarin', I got back up and snorted at her question. Her low, serious soddin' tone. Didn't have to answer jack rot and I'd never ... "He was shocked," I said quietly with a sigh. Didn't much care that she was pregnant right now, needed a fuckin' smoke so bad. Walked over to the door and opened it, lightin' me up one. S'long as I was away from her, didn't matter. "He didnt' say much. He was fucking pissed drunk that he probably soddin' forgot." Took another puff off my smoke and just stood there, lookin' ahead and not in her direction. "When the sun sets, I'll be outta here."

Faith: Chewin' on my lower lip I thought about what he said. Maybe Wes was so drunk he wouldn't remember it? There was a lot of things that Wes was wicked good at. Forgetting wasn't one of them. He was like me that way. The fact that he hadn't said much was kind've unsettling but not entirely surprising. It was big news for sure but I wanted some idea of what he was or wasn't gonna do about it. I had to get ready for the worst case scenario. Should I tell Xander? Fuck me. I really didn't wanna do that. He was so excited about bein' a Dad and I'd done that to him and I didn't wanna take it away now. It wasn't my fault that I didn't know that we hadn't slept together on our honeymoon night but I guess it was kinda my fault for never comin' clean about sleepin' with Wes instead. I narrowed my eyes at him suddenly, realizing that he said he was gonna bail as soon as the sun set. Bail? On me now? I don't fucking think so! Even though...maybe he should go away for a little while. Cause I was really pissed at him and I needed him to just fuck off for a little while. He was just like everybody else but for the last few months? Spike was pretty much my only friend. Not a big surprise that Faith's not big on the pallin' around but it seemed like I always had someone. Whatever. He could go get smacked around by B some more for all I cared. Teach me to give a shit. "Fine. Just bail. It's what you're good at. Too bad there's no handy amulets around to fry your ass." I said smartly.

Spike: Looked up at her when she said what she said but just sniffed and took another puff of my smoke. She wanted to be like that, then let her, she was the one that was sluttin' around, like that's a big shock with her anyway. Rollin' my eyes, I stubbed out my smoke on the bottom of my boot before comin' in and slammin' the door, walkin' myself to the kitchen to throw the butt away. She's the one that messed up and now she's rightly pissed at me for doin' what I did, which I didn't blame her. She has no one; NO ONE and she's ... what the soddin' hell do I care? Everyone in this town hates my dust, so why should I care that she does now too. Problem is I do, but I'm not gonna soddin' tell her that. Walked in front of her and headed to my room, slammin' the door as I walked in.
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