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Turn to the gates of heaven, to myself be damned

Going to go talk to Cordy had been kind of a spur of the moment thing but I'm glad I went. It's kind of weird no matter how much all of us go through there's just something about being from Sunnydale that goes past all the years that we've been apart. Bonds forged in pain or something like that.

I think that's the most I've talked in a long time, although I have to admit she did most of the talking, but when I did she actually was quiet and listening like she gave a damn what I said. It was nice. Even if we did get extremely dirty looks from the waitresses for sitting around for many hours doing nothing but sucking down bottomless cups of coffee. Well we did have pie too, but you know bill of less than $10 and taking up a table for most of the night.

She made me smile a lot. Which is new lately. I told her about what it was like in the hotel. Kind of short on real descriptive scenes but she got it. She told me the stuff going on with her too and it was weird to be able to just talk like that and not worry if the other person was going to try and feel guilty for you or having to explain the whole history behind everything.

Then she found out I was kind of sleeping in the van. I have a room, really I do but last time I was home it was kind of over occupied so I was giving them room. She told me I could sleep on her couch for a while. As long as Devon never came near the place. I could handle that so I let her talk me into coming home with her. Not in a coming home with her kind of way just a my poor friend is homeless here's my couch kind of way. Not that I would have objected but you know this is Cordy and I'm sure she has guys crawling out of the walls wanting her and I'm kind of cool with just being a friend.

So pretty much just hanging and going to gigs and trying to figure out what to do from here. There's always a shortage of people to keep people safe, and now that I know more about the wolf I'm able to do that. I think I'll start back into patrolling then I need to find Connor. I may have told Lilly I'd try to keep him safe but I'm not doing the greatest job since I don't know where he is. And maybe Giles...and Will. There could be use for a short werewolf who knows how to research and fight.

Something. Just to stop being useless like I feel now.

And I should check in on Wes and make sure he's ok. Long enough list. Time to play some music and then patrol.
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After the test drive of Dawn's new car, we decided to meet up later. I needed to transfer the girl I had in my basement to a safer location. It seemed like a good idea to use cash to rent a climate controlled warehouse than having a paper trail linked to the credit card.

I grabbed her and stuffed her in the back of my SUV along with some chains and toys. Wanted her to think about all the fun games we were going to play once I got her some place where I didn't have to worry about Dawn walking in on us. I was nice enough to grab some soap and a bucket too. She'd get a bath if she was a good girl and begged nicely.

The warehouse I bought was well insulated which meant she could scream if she wanted and it wouldn't draw immediate attention. I had her mouth covered with duct tape for now. Once I parked the car inside the building, I opened the trunk and helped her out.

"Welcome home, Lily." I said with a bright smile as I pointed to the ground. "On your knees like a good girl or i'm going to have to punish you."

She dropped to her knees, her back still bleeding from the last lesson as she looked up at me through tear filled dark eyes. So pretty and all mine. I'd probably need to feed her again soon and I knew she'd want some water. How else would she continue to cry such tasty tears?

I unloaded the car and quickly went to work setting up chains. There was already a cage that I had delivered earlier. Nothing but the best for my new pet. Daddy had never let me have a pet before.

"Now, Lily, if I remove the tape will you be a good girl and not scream?" I asked, as I stroked her cheek lightly with my finger tip. She nodded her head and I decided to test her. Give her a chance to prove that she was learning to be house broken. "Good girl. Don't mess up or you will regret it."

I ripped the tape off and of course she had to prove herself to be a lying little bitch. She screamed as loud as she could and tried to run away from me. I grabbed her by the back of the hair, forcing new tape over her mouth as I hissed into her ear, "You're going to wish I killed you by the time I get started on your punishment, bitch."

I paused as I hear something outside. Sniffing the air, I growled. That scent was familiar. Oz.
I had played the gig and left my guitar with Devon. That was a struggle, I so have this thing about seeing him put it on the bottom of the van and squashing it. He had to practically pry my fingers off of it before I let it go. Thing is as flakey as Devon is it's still better off than if I took it on patrol. I mean using it as an impromptu club might work but I'd never forgive myself.

So I hit the streets with the crossbow and stakes. There isn't too much in the way of vamps around here but you can always count on them near the warehouses just off the railroad tracks. They seemed to like to squat in them and use them for daytime shelter.

I'd taken one out with some struggle, turned out he wasn't happy to see me he had a chain in his pocket. That made for interesting times and for a few minutes me thinking he broke the crossbow. Turned out he didn't as he found out.

I was walking between the buildings when a familiar scent tickled my nose...Connor and vampires. Was he down here hunting? It would be a good time to see how he's doing. Maybe he needed some help.

The door wasn't locked and I heard a muffled scream from inside. If it wasn't for my hearing I would have missed it, this place was really thickly insulated. Making my way in carefully I saw Connor standing over a girl with blood on her, I could smell the terror from where I was and I thought he'd saved her so I looked around for the demon he must be fighting when it slowly hit me.

One speeding terrified heartbeat....and silence. And he's looking at me with the beginnings of a smile, he can tell from my face what I know.

"My bad." I turn to run.
When Oz arrived in the warehouse it was clear that he thought I'd saved the girl. That kind of amused me. Of course that damn werewolf stuff had to kick in and he quickly realized I wasn't the hero here. Not at all.

Wait. Did he just try and run? Oh this was nice. I grabbed the baseball bat that I'd brought along with me and raced after him. Swinging hard, I caught in the middle of his back as he stumbled forward. "Don't be in such a hurry to leave. Fun's just beginning."

I swung the bat hard again, this time knocking his weapons free. Really wanted to rip his fucking throat out, but Dawn was attached to him. She just found out that I was a vampire. I needed to buy myself some time.

"You and I need to talk or something." I said, as I grabbed him by back of the neck. His blood was appealing. It smelled different than anything else I'd tried so I sank my teeth in. Woah.

His blood was intense, like a high, and if I remembered right, didn't werewolves heal fast like slayers?
Fuck he's a lot faster than I am, I should have just tried to fight it's not like I got anywhere. The blow to the back sent me to my knees and then the blur of wood knocked everything out of my hands leaving my fingers numb and smarting.

We need to talk? About what how he's going to kill me? Connor grabbed my neck and his look shifted to something I couldn't identify and the next thing I knew he had his teeth buried in my neck.

"NO!" it came out almost a scream and when I couldn't knock him away I dug in my pocket for one of my crosses and dropped it down the back of his shirt. He reared away from me with a shocked look that almost made me laugh except he was going to tear my fucking head off for it. Blood was running down my chest but the bleeding was stopping already and all I could do is pick up the bat he'd dropped and try to make a home run with his head.
Fucking crosses. I should build one and nail his ass to it for pulling that out on me, but I sort of admired his will to live. Even if it did just make me want to rip his god damn head off. I growled low as I watched him pick up the bat. He was going to use my weapon against me? Nice.

I ducked as he swung and hurled my body into him, crying out slightly because the bat connected with my shoulders before I knocked us both to the ground. Lily was crying and trying to make it for the door. I was going to have to take care of her soon. Stupid pet. What was it going to take to teach her that I was the master here?

"The only reason I don't kill you now is because of Dawn." I said, as I rolled us over so I was on top. I smashed my fist hard into his face twice before jerking his head to the side and sinking my fangs back into his neck. I drank fast and deep, his blood burning fire through my veins. It was like being pumped up. I was pretty sure he was giving me more power. Really nice.

"Stay." I whispered, pressing a kiss to the base of his throat as I hopped off him and ran for the girl. Lily had nearly made it to the door when I grabbed her by the hair and yanked her off the ground.

"Stupid little bitch. You never learn. How many times do I have to tell you, I'm the master and you're the fucking pet." I dropped her to her feet only to backhand her hard enough to send her stumbling back until she landed on Oz. He wasn't looking too good. Guess the blood loss made him weak.

"She's look just like her, doesn't she?" I asked him, as I settled into a crouch and grabbed her by the throat to give him a good look at her face. "I named her Lily. You were supposed to watch out for the original one. Bad watcher. Maybe you'll take better care of this one."
He's faster than I was expecting and I knew he'd be fast. The bat hits his shoulders and hurts him a little but not nearly enough to slow him down.

The fist is a blur and all I know is the explosion of pain and my head being yanked aside again. He drinks so fast and fiercely and I see spots before my eyes.

I felt so weak and cold when he stopped and kissed my throat. I was trying to get up and run or at least die on my feet but everything seemed to move through really deep and cold water. I didn't get very far before the girl hit me and I fell again with her on top of me. She was crying and the scent of her fear was exciting. It made me feel sick and hungry at the same time.

I looked at Connor when he showed me the girls face, she really did look like Lilly. He was enjoying this and I knew the games were just starting. The trickle of blood had stopped again, either blood loss of healing, I wasn't sure which.

I needed to keep my secret a little longer, the one where I can turn and control who I attack. Right now I was too weak with blood loss. I hoped at some point he gave me the opportunity to heal enough to surprise him but I wasn't going to count on it.

"What game are we playing Connor?"
"Fun games, Oz." I said in a delighted tone. At least he understood my games. The way he was eyeing her, I could tell he wanted her. He wanted to eat her up until nothing was left. I could respect that.

"You want to eat her. She tastes so good, Oz. Her blood has been intoxicating, but I've been careful to only taste. She isn't like you. She won't heal the way you will."

I looked over at the crying girl. Sweet tears. I was going to have to discipline her. She gave me no choice. First things first. I needed to lock him up. My hand connected sharply with her cheek and once again she hit the ground sobbing.

Grabbing Oz by the hair I dragged him to the cage and locked him inside. I was going to have to buy some silver on my next trip out. It was the only way to keep him in line.

"I have to punish her. She's been very bad. I don't remember the other Lily being this much trouble. She came to visit, you know. I guess she wanted to haunt me. She was so sad to find her sweet boyfriend was gone and I was in his place."

Turning my back to the cage, I picked up a knife from the pile of toys on the floor. "Lily come here. It's time for a lesson."

She cried and screamed in protest, but the tape was holding up well. I arched an eyebrow and pointed to the floor with my knife. "Here now. It will be so much worse if I have to come and get you. He's a werewolf you know. I could just cut off your hands and see if he's desperate enough to eat them. Your flesh and blood would taste so good to him right now."
I try to close my ears and look away when he says I want to eat her. Because the smell of blood and as weak as I am it's hard to tell the wolf no.

Kicking and struggling do no good and I am locked in a cage. No silver but steel holds you in just as well. He wasn't expecting the wolf or he'd have silver on hand. Of course as soon as he could buy some the fun wolf games would begin.

I knew better than to protest, anything I did was just going to be fuel for the fire for him hurting her. And we were both dead he just wasn't quite ready to bury us yet.

But when he threatened her with the knife and my eating her she started to move towards him and the growl came from deep in my chest.

Yeah I wanted to eat her in some ways, but the wolf knew another predator when it saw it. And it didn't like it.

"Leave her alone."
"No." I said, not bothering to look at him. Lily was crawling to me slowly, fear coming off her in waves, but deep down she knew it was best to come to me instead of having me chase her. Maybe I could train her yet.

"I'm tempted to turn her and set you both in the cage. See how long it takes you to rip her apart then."

I brushed the tip of the knife against her shoulder, cutting a small line that dripped a small amount of blood. "Take off your clothes, Lily." She gave me a pleading look, but I just waved the knife. "Be glad you have your hands and are able to remove your own clothes."

I waited impatiently for her to remove the blood stained dress. Her panties and bra were long gone. She stood trembling in front of me, looking over at Oz out of the corner of her eyes. I ran my tongue over the small cut I made, relishing the taste of her blood.

"We're going to see how well he can control his natural instincts, Lily. Walk over to the cage and place your hands on the bar. Spread your legs and look him in the eyes. I want you to watch him and if he looks away from you, well I'm going to skin you alive. Literally."

Oh god, I back away from the bars. She smells like blood and pain and fear and I feel the wolf stir and look out of my eyes.

The pleading eyes staring into mine are so like Lilly's green shading to brown near the iris and they are dialated with fear. I can't help it, I step to her side of the cage and put my hands on the bars. The scent of her fear is making me light headed.

"I'm sorry." One hand touches the blood on her skin and she wants to flinch away but doesn't dare. She doesn't want to die.
"That's sweet." I said, twirling the knife in my hand as he touched her and looked her deep in the eyes. She was so scared she couldn't stop shaking. God it was a turn on. I really wanted to throw her in that cage and watch nature take it's course. But she was mine and I wasn't ready to kill her yet.

"You have got to stop running away from me, Lily. You're mine. The sooner you get that through your head, the better it will be for you."

I looked over at the toys and tried to decide what would be the most fun to play with. She hated all of them. Of course, I already had the knife. Standing behind her, I brushed her hair away from her back. She had such pretty cuts and bruises from playing with the whip and flogger earlier.

"Be a good girl Lily and scream behind that tape. Make me hear it." I said as the blade cut into her back. I didn't cut too deep, but I was going to make sure she got the message. Mine. I carved my name painfully slow into the small of her back as the scent of her blood filled the warehouse. She was being so good. Her gaze locked with Oz's as she screamed as loud as she could behind the tape. No one outside could hear her, but we sure could.

"The blood smells good doesn't it? I can't wait to lick her clean before I give her a bath. Did you want a taste?"
I can't watch, I can't look away. All I want to do is be somewhere else. Only that's a lie, I want to be the one drawing the blood, causing the pain but I don't want to think like that.

She screams as loud as she can muffled by the tape and I know what I have to do. If I don't eventually he'll put her in the cage and she'll die a long horrible death and I won't be hungry anymore. My hands shift and so do my eyes.

He asks me if I want to lick the blood and I hold up my hands. They are drenched with her blood from where I tore out her throat while he was taunting me. Her eyes, so like Lilly's go wide and now that Connor's not holding her she slumps to the floor caught in that look of surprise that always seems to be on a person's face when they die. Like the face mortality caught up with them is puzzling.

"Sorry, you were finished with her right?"
He killed my pet! What a selfish fuck! I growled low, but there was something about the way he asked the question that turned me on. Maybe it was the fact he was embracing his inner predator. Maybe I could push him into be a full fledge killer just like me.

"She was my toy and you broke her. That means you take her place as my new pet. I should toss her body to you and let you snack on her, but bad pets don't get treats."

I picked her up by the hair and sank my teeth into her shoulder, draining what was left of her hot blood. Once I was finished, I tossed her over to the corner of the warehouse by the door. I'd dispose of the body later.

"I should get going. Dawn will be wanting to meet me back at the house. You've got me so hot and bothered, Oz, that I can't wait to bend her over the closest piece of furniture and fuck her raw. She really is a sweet lay. I like her so much that I'm letting you live. Might even bring you a live treat to play with when I come back to visit you."

I walked over to the back of the car and grabbed my tranq gun. I was going to need to bind him and gag him so he wouldn't draw attention. There was no way I was stupid enough to enter that cage while he was still conscious.

"Now, I've got to put you to sleep for a little while. I'm sure you'll understand. We need to secure your hands and feet and of course gag you. Otherwise you'll get rescued and where is the fun in that? Don't worry. I'm sure when people start looking for you and Dawn needs to be comforted because yet another person abandoned her, you'll rest easy knowing she'll be in good hands." I flashed a smile at him. "My hands. Any requests before you go to bed for the night?"
The growl is pretty much coming from me non stop now. The mention of Dawn and him fucking her just about dropped me right over the edge into full on wolf mode. Have to play it cool, can't let him make me insane with rage so I'm stupider than I am right now.

So instead I keep my eyes on his and lick the blood off my fingers. I know my eyes are golden right now and there's the beginnings of fangs in my mouth. The blood tastes so good and I'm holding on to humanity with my nails here but he's going to knock me out so I have a little room to play.

"Come in the cage without the gun. How's that for a request?"
"It's a good request. I probably would have made the same one if our positions were reversed."

I checked the gun and looked over at him. "You know I can't do that. One of us would die and that would break Dawn's heart. I love her too much to do that to her."

I stepped closer to the cage and could him growling. Oh he wanted to tear me limb for limb. There was a time when I would have accepted his challenge, but things change. I promised Daddy I would be good and not draw attention to myself.

"I'll bring you back a present. Something you'll really like. Oh and some silver of course."

I fired the gun twice and waited for him to slump over. I knew it was enough to knock him out without killing him. It only took a few minutes to grab the dead bitch and hurl her body into the empty field a few warehouses over. I used my knife to remove the skin off her back so they wouldn't see my name carved into her. Anyone who found her would think a wolf attacked her. Heh.

Once I was back in the warehouse, I grabbed the solid chains and entered the cage. His hands were chained behind him and his feet shackled together. I used a lot of tape to cover up his mouth, and then locked the cage back up.

I'd need to bring back a lot of silver so he would be weak enough not to hurt me. Maybe if I kept bringing girls with me and he had to keep killing them to save them from me, he'd eventually snap and give into his wolf side. It would be an interesting game.