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I left Gunn at my place. He did look rather tired and probably needed some sleep. He was right though, I should go talk to Faith. This wasn't something I could run away from. This wasn't something I could use to crawl in a bottle for and forget. It...he...she, wasn't going to go away. I was going to be a father. And even though that scared me to death, I wanted to be a part of that child’s life. Wanted to give her what I never had. A childhood.

Pausing on the stairs, I chewed my bottom lip. But what if I was going to be like my father. What then? No child deserved that. Perhaps the child was better of with Faith or Xander. No, no, that wasn't the problem. Well, it was. When it comes that? I've no idea what kind of parent either Xander or Faith will turn out to be. No, I had to keep going. I'd taken my time to think things over, and nothing came out. Other then that I needed to talk to Faith about this.

This may have been a...surprise, but the child was just as much my responsibility as it was hers. And deep down, a small part of me was looking forward to becoming a father. Mostly, I was afraid. But there was a small part that was happy. I had called it my inner child. It never came out to play, because it did not know how. All it did was worry and hide and be afraid. Though, the prospect of a child, made it happy. Perhaps because it was hoping to learn what it must be like to really be a child.

Because no matter what, that was the one thing I was going to make sure off.

When I drove over to their place, I nearly turned the car around three times. But then I called myself a coward. Faith and I may not be friends, but she... Oh whom was I kidding. She'd been acting very strange around me and now I know why. She lied to me, she lied to Xander. Those were the only two people who mattered in this case. Aside from the child and Faith of course. I can't help but think what Xander's reaction is going to be. Poor boy. Man. I mean, poor fellow. But it is better this way. The truth has this ugly way of coming out no matter what. Only needs to look at the memory spell Angel tried to pull off.

I parked the car up front and wrung my hand on the wheel for some time. All I did was stare at their house. Idyllic, the perfect place to raise a child. My child. I was going to be part of its life. Her, his, it didn't matter. I was going to do this. Nodding, and whishing I had a bloody bottle of whiskey before I came here, I got out of the car. Right, lets get this over with, Pryce. Otherwise you'll only going to run again. Gunn is right. You need to talk to her, you've every right.

Walking up to the front door, I frowned when I heard soft voices inside. Damn, she wasn't alone. No matter, as soon as I tell her the reason I'm here, I'm sure she'll be available for a talk. Determined, I raised my hand and knocked on the door.

Time for the truth to come out.

[Open to Faith and Xander]
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