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Turn to the gates of heaven, to myself be damned

Going to go talk to Cordy had been kind of a spur of the moment thing but I'm glad I went. It's kind of weird no matter how much all of us go through there's just something about being from Sunnydale that goes past all the years that we've been apart. Bonds forged in pain or something like that.

I think that's the most I've talked in a long time, although I have to admit she did most of the talking, but when I did she actually was quiet and listening like she gave a damn what I said. It was nice. Even if we did get extremely dirty looks from the waitresses for sitting around for many hours doing nothing but sucking down bottomless cups of coffee. Well we did have pie too, but you know bill of less than $10 and taking up a table for most of the night.

She made me smile a lot. Which is new lately. I told her about what it was like in the hotel. Kind of short on real descriptive scenes but she got it. She told me the stuff going on with her too and it was weird to be able to just talk like that and not worry if the other person was going to try and feel guilty for you or having to explain the whole history behind everything.

Then she found out I was kind of sleeping in the van. I have a room, really I do but last time I was home it was kind of over occupied so I was giving them room. She told me I could sleep on her couch for a while. As long as Devon never came near the place. I could handle that so I let her talk me into coming home with her. Not in a coming home with her kind of way just a my poor friend is homeless here's my couch kind of way. Not that I would have objected but you know this is Cordy and I'm sure she has guys crawling out of the walls wanting her and I'm kind of cool with just being a friend.

So pretty much just hanging and going to gigs and trying to figure out what to do from here. There's always a shortage of people to keep people safe, and now that I know more about the wolf I'm able to do that. I think I'll start back into patrolling then I need to find Connor. I may have told Lilly I'd try to keep him safe but I'm not doing the greatest job since I don't know where he is. And maybe Giles...and Will. There could be use for a short werewolf who knows how to research and fight.

Something. Just to stop being useless like I feel now.

And I should check in on Wes and make sure he's ok. Long enough list. Time to play some music and then patrol.
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