Dawn Summers (womansized) wrote in power_play,
Dawn Summers

So you found a way to let it out

Connor and I went for a test drive in my brand new shiny fast car! My brand new shiny fast car that Spike was never ever going to drive. He couldn't just smile at me and charm his way into driving my car. Not anymore. Because...well, because things with Spike were weird ever since that night and I should probably just stay away from him for a little while. At least that was what I told myself to make me feel better. He wasn't at the house when I came back and I hadn't seen him since that night. He probably freaked out because he slept with Buffy's little sister and now I was never going to see him again. He was just like everybody else, and it was hard learning that lesson over and over again. Spike only hung out with me because he was obsessed with my sister. Maybe when I was just a kid I was okay with that, but I wasn't just a kid anymore and things were really different now. Different as in I didn't live with Buffy anymore, and I had a boyfriend and my own car. Things were changing everyday and the longer I stayed where I was, with Buffy, the longer I stayed the stupid kid that everyone wanted to just boss around.

I said goodbye to Connor and we agreed to meet up later to hang out. I guess he had some stuff to do or whatever and that was cool because I couldn't wait to show off my new car to like everybody. I could do that while Connor was busy doing whatever it was he had to do. After I dropped him off back at his apartment I cruised around L.A. for a little while with my favorite Spice Girls album cranked as loud as it would go. Because now no one was in the car with me so I could listen to it without feeling completely ashamed. I was thinking about Connor too much to listen to the music anyway.

He was a vampire. Just like Angel, actually exactly like Angel and Spike. He had a soul and listening to his story broke my heart. At first I was all kinds of freaked out and cursing my bad luck. I found another boy who actually liked me, and I liked him too and he turned out to be another vampire! I really was Buffy's sister. But then he told me he had a soul just like Angel and I had no reason not to believe him. He'd never hurt me, he was actually really nice to me. Paid attention to me while everybody else was busy always ignoring me. I guess Angel had to turn Connor to save his life and then he cursed Connor with the same gypsy curse that Willow used to keep Angel from trying to kill us all. Which was a good thing because when Angel tried to kill us all Buffy got really sad and everything else got really scary. I didn't want to think about Connor that way, and I wouldn't have to because he told me the happiness clause was specific to Angel. All the times that I had played the part of Watcher Junior and I'd read so much and learned so much about...well, everything. I'd never really looked into the curse that bound Angel's soul to him. If Angel was Spike I probably would have been more curious but as it was? I'd never even technically met Angel. I mean, not really. I was still a mystical glowing key when he'd been dating my sister. Sure, I had memories of him vague as they were but mostly he had never really existed to me. Now I knew that I was going to end up going back to the hotel to look through Giles' books. It'd been a long time since I'd done that and I kind of missed it. Also? I could go and show off my new car.

I'd already promised but now I'd definitely made up my mind. I wouldn't tell Connor's secret to anyone, not even Buffy if she asked. Besides, Buffy would only just freak out like she hadn't lost her virginity to a vampire. Whatever. Connor was already way nicer to me than Angel used to be to Buffy. I mean, all he ever did was make her cry. At least that was the part I remembered.

I stopped at home first, careful to turn the Spice Girls all the way down. I knew Oz wouldn't outwardly make fun of me for my love of cheesy pop music but he would get that little smile on his face that told me he was clearly amused. I didn't care, not really. I had a new car! A shiny cherry red BMW that my boyfriend gave me. The smile was permanantly glued to my face as I locked it up all tight in the driveway. I loved where I lived but I knew that keeping an unlocked BMW around was only going to make me sorry later. I wasn't staying long, I just wanted to show my new car off to Oz. I practically skipped up the steps to my apartment and burst through the door. Devon was sitting on the couch with a guitar, aimlessly plucking the strings. He was all alone which was weird because he usually had some groupie hanging off of him at all times.

"Hey Dawn." He smiled up at me and I smiled back before scanning the kitchen behind him.

"Hi! Is Oz home?" I asked him, walking past the couch towards Oz's room. I knocked on the door but there was no answer. It wasn't a surprise, Oz kind of drifted in and out of here all the time. I just really wanted him to be home because....well, because Oz might just be the only friend I had left besides Connor. And I wanted to show him my new car! Someone else needed to be just as excited as I was about it. I guess I could show Devon but Devon never really got all that excited about anything. I wondered if he did a lot of drugs or something.

"I don't know where he went. He'll probably be back later." Devon shrugged before turning his attention back to his guitar. Great. I was even invisible girl here. Taking a deep breath I tried to keep the pout off of my face as I left through the front door again.

Unlocking my car I got back into the driver's seat and started it back up. I had to go show it off to someone. I needed to go to the hotel anyway to look through Giles books. Giles was old and he got that really fancy car a few years ago when Buffy said he was having a mid-life crisis. He'd appreciate my new car. Singing at the top of my lungs I headed towards the hotel hoping that Buffy wouldn't be there. Actually I wanted her to be there. I wanted her to see my new car too even though when I saw her yesterday is was kind of all with the bad. She was my sister though and I loved her, no matter how much the two of us fought.

Pulling up in front of the hotel just as Buffy was coming out I turned my music way down and rolled down the window with a smile. Buffy didn't smile. Buffy looked really confused and really angry. Maybe I shouldn't have come here.

"Where the hell did you get this car?"
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