_destroyer_ (cordys_bitch) wrote in power_play,

Two points for honesty

I left Dawn at the apartment and hauled ass back to my house in the valley. I needed to drink some virgin blood from the fridge, take a shower to get the smell of Dawn off me (no need to have Daddy thinking about her), and change clothes before I called my father to have him meet me at the house. Maybe he could just bring me a virgin to snack on. It's always better fresh from the source.

All I could think about was the fact Dawn was pregnant and it had to be my kid. No way could Spike have knocked her up. He was just a common vampire who happened to luck out by being sired by someone from the Aurelian line. I was the natural born child of Darla and Angelus and had been turned by my father. Clearly I was more special and besides it was in my genes, right? Daddy was able to get Mom pregnant when they were both vampires.

I had big plans for Dawn and our child. Nothing but the best and no one was going to take the baby from us. Maybe I should eliminate all the possible threats before they even had a chance to find out I had a son or daughter that would be born. I could just tie them all up and shove them into a portal to Quor'toth. Not that I'm bitter or anything of course.

When I pulled up to my place I was surprised to see my dad's car in the driveway. There was blood on the driveway next to the car so obviously something had went down. I sniffed the air but I couldn't catch enough of a scent until I walked into the house. Cordy. I could smell her and I smiled. Daddy must have brought Mommy home to play. Nice. We'd all be one big family once I broke the news about Dawn and the baby to the old man.

"Daddy?" I called out, as I locked the door and made my way into the living room where my father was sitting. He looked smug. Real smug. Like the cat that ate the canary and I'm thinking the canary's name was Mommy.

"I planned to call and ask you to come over so we could catch up, but I guess you had the same idea? Cordelia still alive or are you just waiting for her to rise again?" I asked as I flopped down on the couch next to him.

(Open to my daddy)
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