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Power Play

this game is owned and run by the hot modly trio

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Sadly power_play is now closed. However the writing will remain as is so people can continue to enjoy reading the adventures we had in this community.

Angel: broodlust
Angelus: true_angelus//broody_manpire
Buffy Summers: wickedbuff//lastguardian//_not_the_one_
Dawn Summers: womansized//one_of_the_kind//_dawn_
Cordelia Chase: __visiongal
Willow Rosenberg: spiritus_willow//_wicca_willow_
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce: _wes_pryce_//wesley_w_pryce_
Xander Harris: puffy_xander//xandman
Charles Gunn: gunn_//counselourgunn//call_me_gunn
Rupert Giles: _ripper_g
Fred Burkle: wini_fred
Oz: dingosatemybaby
Connor: cordys_bitch//imaprophecyboy//_thedestroyer_//puzzled_by_life
Spike: bloody_wanker//buffys_bitch
Harmony Kendall: omg_i_am_dead//_harmonica_//_harmony_vamp
Anya Jenkins: anya_ankyanka
Lorne: lorne__//xgreen_machinex
Faith: wickedslayer
Darla: amidarla
Lindsey McDonald: supsupevilhand
Lilah Morgan: wicked_lilah//lawyer_lilah_
Eve: just_amessenger
Andrew Wells: _andrewwells_//007_andy
Drusilla: thestarshide//lovely_nut_case
Kennedy: potentialslayer
Anne: alias_anne//anne_lily
Harry Doyle: harry_doyle
Brandon Ryan: brandon_ryan
Eliza: eliza_hellcat
Quinn Killion: quinn_killion
Melissa: bitch_of_witch
Zoe: slayer_zoe
Lily Baker: lily_baker
Max: magic_junkie
Tiara Amore: __tiara__
London Amore: __london__
Serine Andersson: typ_nej
Jera: _jera_
Gabriel Walker: gabe_w
Amanda Reece: watching_dark
Vanessa Mihalis: vanessa_mihalis
Pat Siler: pat_siler

The HOT Modly Trio